Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lam's Special Abalone Noodle

When I was at Bendemeer for dinner, I had intended to try Fatty Fried Kway Teow but didn't know that it was closed on Sunday. So I wandered around the area and found Lam's special abalone noodles instead.

For $6 a bowl, I really had very high expectations of Lam's special abalone noodle. After all, Tang Ren Jie and Chai Chee abalone noodles cost only $3. Coated with a savory sauce that is sweet and spicy, the noodles are served with minced meat, pig's liver, fish cake, meat ball and crispy pork lard, similar to any other minced meat noodle. The distinguishing feature of Lam's special abalone noodle is the abalone stick with two appetizing pieces of fresh and juicy abalone.

I am not a big fan of abalone hence my review will be biased. I was certainly not impressed spending $6 on a bowl of ordinary minced meat noodle with an abalone stick. However the coffee shop was filled with customers enjoying Lam's noodles. Come down and judge for yourself.


Lam's Noodle House
460 Race Course Road
Singapore 218700
Closed on Mondays

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