Sunday, May 16, 2010

Market Street Nasi Lemak

Providing strong competition against the famous Golden Shoe Nasi Lemak at Golden Shoe Food Centre, Market Street Nasi Lemak has delicious nasi lemak sets at incredible prices.

For only $2.50, you get a plate of nasi lemak with a fried chicken drumstick, a piece of fish fillet, a fried fish and a serving of ikan bilis. Wow, that is almost everything I would have asked for in a plate of nasi lemak. In spite of its value of money, the flavorful rice is exceptionally tasty with the satisfying aroma of coconut milk and pandan leaf.

Compared with Golden Shoe Nasi Lemak, the spread of dishes at Market Street Nasi Lemak is certainly more outstanding. However Golden Shoe Nasi Lemak impresses with its fried chicken drumstick which is more fleshy and juicy. Come down to Golden Shoe Food Centre and try both to judge for yourself.


Market Street Nasi Lemak
Golden Shoe Carpark
50 Market Street #02-24
Singapore 048940

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