Friday, October 19, 2007

Astons Specialties

Whenever I walked past Astons Specialties, I always felt so tempted to try its famous steaks but more often than not, I was discouraged by the perpetual long queue outside. Even though I have recommended and blogged about Astons Prime, a neighboring restaurant recently set up by the same owner, I have never dined at Astons Specialties before. The golden opportunity finally came when I went there for lunch yesterday, soon after it opened at 11.30am, when the crowd was still not overwhelming.

I ordered a Prime Ribeye Extra Cut, with coleslaw and tasty rice as my two complementary side-dishes. The service was prompt and commendable and I was served within 15 mins after placing my order. Even before I sink my teeth into the mouthwatering steak, I was already impressed by the generous portions of coleslaw and tasty rice. The delicious coleslaw was flavorful with well-blended sweetness and subtle sourness. The tasty rice was delightful with unmistakable butter fragrance and lived up to every bit of its name.

The highlight of the lunch, the prime ribeye steak, was simply a masterpiece. Thoroughly and splendidly grilled, the steak exudes a distinct smoky aroma and an exceptional sizzling taste. The meat is extremely tender and juicy, every bite is simply irresistable. The special sauce accentuates the meaty flavour and leaves an unforgetable aftertaste on the taste buds.

The sumptuous Prime Ribeye Extra Cut (with two free side dishes) costs only $15.90 with no service charge and no GST. It is almost impossible to find such excellent steaks at such incredible prices in other Western restaurants. Indeed Astons Specialties has the BEST STEAKS IN SINGAPORE AT THE MOST AFFORDABLE PRICES.


Astons Specialties
119 East Coast Road
Singapore 428806
Tel: 91474627 / 62477857
Closed on Mondays


Anonymous said...

Wow, the steak looks absolutely delicious. And price is cheaper than Aston's Prime. Must go there for lunch one day, hate the queue during dinner time...

Anonymous said...

Having tried both Astons, i think the steaks are more delicious at Astons Prime. Do u agree?

Anonymous said...

Reasonable cheap prices but standard really drop.

Used to frequent this place regularly, but on last few occassions, the beef was overcooked. It was good before as the owner was in the kitchen, now i guess it some employed cook.

Well, teenagers still flock to this place because of it's affordability and larger protion.

Try the burger as alternative.

Anonymous said...

Yah the meat was too cooked... Dry not as good as expected anymore... and the brown sauce is starchy haiz Mushroom Soup also disappointing..... Not worth the wait and money just my opinion

Unknown said...

You must have been paid by Atsons for this comment!!!!! The Steak is not delicious at all and is very hard to chew. Astons is overrated!!

Unknown said...

You should try "The Harrods" at 369 Tajonk Katong Raod and than we can talk about who's steak is better!!