Friday, May 2, 2008

Zhang Fa Fried Kway Teow

Better known as the fried hokkien mee stall behind the cheng tng stall, I had difficulty finding it when I went to Tanglin Halt Food Centre a fortnight ago. Never did I expect Zhang Fa to be so well concealed within the inner circle of stalls in the food centre until my friend pointed it out to me. Having tried the fried hokkien mee, I felt that it was delicious but certainly not fantastic. However fried kway teow was not only impressive but could easily qualify as one of Singapore's best fried kway teow.

I used to ponder what makes the best fried kway teow. Is it the texture of the noodles, the quality of the ingredients or the taste of the gravy? I found the answer in Zhang Fa fried kway teow: it's none of the above; it's the flavour of the kway teow.

While most fried kway teow comes coated with a layer of savory gravy, Zhang Fa fried kway teow, on the other hand, is dry and flavorful as if every strand is thoroughly infiltrated with the delightful essence of the sauces, not too salty, not too sweet, not too spicy, just right to tantalise my taste buds. It is easy to forget what the ingredients are because they are so well-blended with the irresistable kway teow, you will finish it before you know it. But I remembered that a $2 plate of fried kway teow comes with sausage slices, egg and cockles, thanks to the photo I took.

Sensationally sumptuous, Zhang Fa fried kway teow is one of the best fried kway teow that I have tasted for a long time. Come down to Tanglin Halt Food Centre and experience it for yourself today. If you can't find the stall, remember to search within the inner circle.


Zhang Fa Fried Kway Teow
Tanglin Halt Food Centre (Old)
Blk 3 Commonwealth Drive

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