Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don Crab Bee Hoon

Better known for its famous pies, I was surprised to know that Don at Far East Square also has crab bee hoon. Tempted by the posters pasted outside the restaurant which read "Crab Bee Hoon with Sri Lankan crab for only $16", I decided to try it for myself.

Somewhat reminiscent of Uncle Leong's crab bee hoon, Don crab bee hoon is the soupy version that is served in a claypot. Brimming with the concentrated essence of crabs and a gentle tinge of spices, the mouthwatering gravy is exceptionally savory, giving every strand of bee hoon a delicate coat of irresistable flavour. The medium sized crab is indeed fresh and tasty with robust flesh that is sweet and appetizing.

Compared with Uncle Leong's famous crab bee hoon which costs at least $30, Don crab bee hoon is smaller and less costly priced at $16. But it is definitely sufficient to satisfy one's craving for crabs.


Don - Your Personal Pie Club
25 China Street
Far East Square
Singapore 048422

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