Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice

The second part of the chicken rice war at Purvis Street brought me to Chin Chin which is located directly opposite the famous Yet Con. Both restaurants serve Hainanese chicken rice and cze char (Chinese cooked dishes): Yet Con is air-conditioned but Chin Chin is not.

I ordered the chicken drumstick rice set which costs $4. The flavorful rice is thoroughly coated with irresistable chicken essence and blends delightfully with the savory chilli sauce. Sprinkled with light soya sauce, the steamed white chicken is tender and tasty but not overly fat or oily. What is most outstanding about Chin Chin is the mouthwatering soup which is highly addictive.

Compared with Yet Con, Chin Chin's chicken and soup are impressive but Yet Con's rice is more fragrant. However I still prefer Chin Chin because it is more value-for-money.


Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice
19 Purvis Street

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mywoklife said...

I must try it one day ! :)