Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Soon Heng Lor Mee

Tanjong Pagar Food Centre is famous for its nasi lemak and lor mee. When I went there for lunch today, I was disappointed to find out that the nasi lemak was sold out but fortunately, the lor mee was still available.

After queuing for around 10 minutes, I got my $3 bowl of Soon Heng lor mee which comes with a generous variety of ingredients ranging from ngor hiang to fish cake, fish nuggets, deep fried wanton, braised meat and my favorite, braised egg. I seem to notice a trend that modern lor mee which contains fish nuggets, tend to omit the conventional braised egg but it is something I really look forward to when eating lor mee.

The savory gravy is sufficiently thick in consistency, giving the delicious noodles an irresistable coat of delightful flavour and yet not too sticky for the throat. The tasty ngor hiang, tender braised meat, deep fried fish nuggets and satisfying braised egg complement the noodles extremely well.

Certainly impressive and value-for-money, Soon Heng lor mee is definitely one of the best lor mee in the city.


Soon Heng Lor Mee
Tanjong Pagar Food Centre
Blk 6 #02-21


Sophia said...

Wah this lor mee always have super long queue during lunch. I'd rather have the nasi lemak there.

Anonymous said...

fm your blog i realise that you like Lor Mee. I strongly recommend this stall in Whampoa Mkt ( the night one). the lor mee is one of the best i've tried. very delicious gravy with home made ngoh hiang, braised fatty meat, braised egg, fish cake and crispy flour bits. the fragrant gravy makes up for the lack of fried fish meat! u should try :)

kensongs said...

thanks for your recommendation. will try the lor mee in whampoa market.

Jesus' Lionel =) said...

hey is the strongly recommended lor mee stall in whampoa mkt that Anonymous talked about the one u alrdy went?

Thursday, June 11, 2009
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