Sunday, January 20, 2008

Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee

Although I patronise Redhill Food Centre frequently, I did not notice this inconspicuous prawn mee stall until I saw it being featured on the Singapore Best Food Online Directory. After all, Khoon Kee sells both prawn mee soup and fried kway teow, it is hard to imagine how it can be good in either. Only after I tried its prawn mee last week that I realised I was very wrong. Its prawn noodle soup was very delicious, even better than Jalan Sultan and Whitley Road in my opinion.

A $3 bowl of Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee comes with two big prawns and a piece of pork rib. The mouthwatering gravy is delightfully flavorful with the irresistable essence of seafood, complementing the tasty noodles really well. Extremely fresh and easily de-shelled, the large full prawns are fleshy and sweet. The pork rib is tender and well-marinated.

Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee is indeed one of the less well-known but more impressive prawn noodles in Singapore. It is a definite must-try for all prawn mee lovers.


Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee
Redhill Food Centre
Blk 85 Redhill Lane #01-58
Singapore 150085
Closed on Tuesdays


Anonymous said...

Wow... thanks for your recommendation, Kensongs. Never heard of this prawn mee before... but after looking at the picture... must definitely try it...

Anonymous said...

i live near the food centre, this is my favourite stall, the prawn noodle is consistently delicious.