Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whampoa Best Lu Mian In Town Lor Mee

A boastful name like "Best Lu Mian In Town" is a double edged sword. On one hand, it can arouse sufficient curiosity in customers to give it a try. But on the other, it will raise the expectations of customers, which if not met, will ensure that they will never return again. I decided to try this lor mee at Whampoa Market to see if it can live up to its name.

I ordered a $3 bowl of lor mee which comes with braised meat, chicken nuggets, you tiao and fried fish. Savory with a mild tinge of spices, the flavorful gravy coats the noodles very well. I especially enjoyed the special chilli paste that is spicy, sweet and fragrant, as well as the tasty chicken nuggets and the fresh fried fish.

Whampoa Best Lu Mian In Town lor mee is certainly outstanding in terms of its novel ingredients. While I agree that it is one of the more delicious lor mee in Singapore, it has to work harder to become the best.


Whampoa Best Lu Mian In Town Lor Mee
Blk 91 Whampoa Dr

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