Friday, July 25, 2008

Chef Hainanese Grilled Steak

I always wondered if this stall at the old Tanglin Halt Food Centre had permanently closed down. After all, it was closed when I walked past on several occasions during lunch and in the evening.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Chef Hainanese Western Food open when I went there at 7pm today. Finally I had the opportunity to taste its $4 grilled steak and it was indeed impressive.

Served with baked potato, baked beans, salad and french fries, the $4 steak comes in a reasonably satisfactory portion. Topped with savory black pepper sauce, the mouthwatering steak is fresh, tender and flavorful.

No where else in Singapore can you find another steak that is as cheap as Chef Hainanese's. I will certainly return for its grilled lamb chop and its grilled chicken chop which cost $4 too.


Chef Hainanese Western Food
Tanglin Halt Food Centre (Old)
Blk 3 Commonwealth Drive

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joy said...

HI there, i went to try their steak yesterday night. But i was quite disappointed to find that the steak doesn't seem to taste like normal beef. It was surprisingly bouncy, as if there was too much tenderiser in it.. Is that how it's supposed to taste?