Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice

Short of Boon Tong Kee, Loy Kee and Sing Ho, I have tried and blogged on almost all the best Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore. Today I decided to try Sing Ho Hainan chicken rice located at Middle Road.

I ordered the $6.50 chicken rice set which comes with a plate of steamed white chicken, a plate of oyster sauce vegetables, a bowl of rice and a bowl of dumpling soup. Fragrant and flavorful, the golden yellow rice goes very well with the savory chilli sauce and tasty white steamed chicken. What is most impressive about the chicken rice set is the delicious dumpling soup with two delightfully large and fresh prawn dumplings.

Compared with the other Hainanese chicken rice, I still prefer Five Star and Sin Kee over Sing Ho. Nevertheless the fantastic prawn dumpling soup is the highlight of Sing Ho Hainanese chicken rice and will certainly keep customers coming back for more.


Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice
266 Middle Road Singapore 188991

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

According to wikipedia, bak kut teh (which is literally translated as "meat bone tea") is a complex broth of herbs and spices boiled with pork ribs for hours. Thus the essence of this dish lies in the flavour of the soup and the fingerlicking goodness of the pork ribs.

The famous Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is located directly opposite The Central at Clarke Quay. When I went there on a Saturday night, the place was filled with customers.

I ordered a bowl of bak kut teh and a bowl of rice which cost $6 together. Concentrated with the distinctive aroma of spices and the delightful sweetness of pork ribs, the mouthwatering soup is savory but not overly spicy or bitter. The pork ribs, though not the highlight of the dish, could have been more meaty and tasty.

My mum makes delicious bak kut teh too but of course, compared with the famous Song Fa, hers is less savory, more peppery and more bitter. Nevertheless, since I am not a big fan of bak kut teh, I really don't mind the difference.


Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
11 New Bridge Road

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sims Place Prawn Noodle

If you prefer the traditional kind of prawn noodle soup with simple deshelled prawns, Sims Place prawn noodle, located in Bendemeer Market and Food Centre, will definitely appeal to you.

A bowl of pork rib prawn noodles which comes with 2 pieces of pork ribs and 3 halved deshelled prawns, costs only $3. The special soup, which is sufficiently flavorful with the essence of prawn and pork rib, goes very well with the noodles.

Compared with the famous prawn noodles eg Wah Kee, Hoe Nam and Adam Road, Sims Place prawn noodle may not have giant prawns but is certainly authentic and tasty enough to draw you back for more.


Sims Place Prawn Noodle
Bendemeer Market and Food Centre
Blk 29 Bendemeer Road

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant Seafood Hor Fun

Not to be mistaken for Hong Kong Street Chun Kee which has multiple restaurants and franchises all over the island, Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant has only 3 restaurants in Singapore. I tried the one in Novena Gardens after it was recommended on a forum to have one of the best hor fun in Singapore.

A small plate of seafood hor fun which costs $6 comes in a portion that is satisfactory for two persons. Well-fried with rich wok hei aroma, the delicious hor fun is topped with thick savory gravy that is reminiscent of the black bean gravy of beef hor fun. Enjoy the flavorful hor fun with delightful servings of fresh prawns, sotong and meat.

The seafood hor fun from Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant is certainly outstanding for its unique black bean gravy and wok hei. Do come down and try its other signature dishes too eg san lao hor fun and prawn paste chicken.


Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant Seafood Hor Fun
Novena Gardens
273 Thomson Road #01-01

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice

The second part of the chicken rice war at Purvis Street brought me to Chin Chin which is located directly opposite the famous Yet Con. Both restaurants serve Hainanese chicken rice and cze char (Chinese cooked dishes): Yet Con is air-conditioned but Chin Chin is not.

I ordered the chicken drumstick rice set which costs $4. The flavorful rice is thoroughly coated with irresistable chicken essence and blends delightfully with the savory chilli sauce. Sprinkled with light soya sauce, the steamed white chicken is tender and tasty but not overly fat or oily. What is most outstanding about Chin Chin is the mouthwatering soup which is highly addictive.

Compared with Yet Con, Chin Chin's chicken and soup are impressive but Yet Con's rice is more fragrant. However I still prefer Chin Chin because it is more value-for-money.


Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice
19 Purvis Street