Sunday, June 1, 2008

Guang Zhou Wanton Noodle

Despite being a wanton mee lover, it took me quite a while to try Guang Zhou Wanton Noodle even though I frequently patronise Tanglin Halt Market for lunch. Maybe because there were already two stalls namely the duck noodle and laksa featured on Makansutra, I really didn't expect the wanton mee to be so fantastic too.

A $3 plate of wanton mee comes with a satisfactory portion of noodles topped with generous servings of char siew and a bowl of savory wanton soup. The two distinguishing factors of Guang Zhou wanton mee are its special chilli sauce and its exceptionally fresh char siew. Splendidly cooked to the right consistency, the mouthwatering noodles are thoroughly coated with a layer of flavorful chilli sauce that is irresistably spicy. The crimson char siew slices are remarkably fresh and tasty, the best I have ever tasted in wanton mee. The impressive dumplings complement the noodles very well and the savory anchovy-flavoured soup readily extinguishes the scorching flames of the spicy chilli.

Guang Zhou is undoubtedly one of the best wanton mee in Singapore, along the likes of Hong Mao, Fei Fei and Koka wanton mee. Calling all wanton mee enthusiasts, come down to Tanglin Halt Market and try it for yourself if you haven't.


Guang Zhou Wanton Noodle
Tanglin Halt Market
Blk 46 Commonwealth Drive

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