Sunday, October 17, 2010

Deenas Sarabat Stall Teh Tarik

Frequently patronizing Golden Shoe Food Centre for dinner after a long day at work, nothing warms my heart more than a cup of teh tarik (translated as pulled milk tea in English) from Deenas Sarabat Stall.

What is so special about this teh tarik compared with the countless others in Singapore is the special fragrance of the tea leaves which blends so perfectly with the saccharine sweetness of milk, making it a satisfying thirst quencher after a sumptuous dinner.

So wonderful that I can drink two cups at one go, come down and try the teh tarik from Deenas Sarabat Stall today.


Deenas Sarabat Stall
Golden Shoe Food Centre
50 Market Street #02-05

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