Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kampong Chicken Eating House Chicken Rice

I used to have the impression that kampong chicken is tough with little skin and fat. Only after trying the chicken rice at Kampong Chicken Eating House, did I realise that I was wrong.

A plate of kampong chicken rice which costs $3.80, comes with a bowl of chicken rice and a plate of steamed chicken. I really could not help but wonder why the kampong chicken had yellow skin. In spite of that, the fresh chicken is fleshy, tender and tasty. Although softer in consistency than usual, the delicious rice is no less fragrant and filled with the flavorful essence of chicken and pandan leaf. Enjoy the rice with the chilli paste that is thick and spicy and the cabbage soup that is sweet and savory.

Located in Outram, Kampong Chicken Eating House has one of the most impressive chicken rice in Singapore in terms of the quality of the rice, chicken as well as chilli.


Kampong Chicken Eating House
247 Outram Road
Singapore 169047


Bemme said...

Hi there,may I ask if the place is all halal? Cause I want to bring a few of my friends there and they are mostly malays,I want to know if it's 'safe' to bring them there. :) Thanks!

Batu Pahat Boy said...

Bro, I don't think they are halal. They serve pork dishes too.