Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wang Wang Curry Seafood Soup

I first read about this stall named Wang Wang which serves sumptuous set meals at economical prices on the Sunday Times but never had the opportunity to try it. When I finally went down to Beauty World Centre to try it last weekend, it certainly didn't disappoint.

I ordered the curry seafood soup which costs $5.50. I was puzzled by the actual name of the dish which is 'curry seafood monster' but after trying it, I guess I can understand why. Served piping hot in a mini wok, the curry seafood soup comes with an impressive variety of dishes, ranging from prawns to fish, sotong, mussels and clams. Shimmering with the distinctive aroma of coconut milk and topped with generous servings of potato, the mouthwatering gravy is sufficiently thick, spicy and flavorful. Seafood lovers like me will be extremely delighted by the tasty prawns, sweet mussels and fresh clams.

This is definitely the best seafood curry soup that I have tasted in Singapore. I will certainly return to try the other recommended dishes of Wang Wang eg fish soup, herbal chicken soup etc.


Wang Wang Curry Seafood Soup
Beauty World Centre
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road

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