Sunday, June 3, 2012

Four Seas Seafood Hor Fun

Haven't been updating this blog for quite some time, I finally found something that is worthwhile recommending. Four Seas located at Albert Centre Food Centre has one of the best seafood hor fun in Singapore.

A plate of seafood hor fun which is very reasonably priced at $3.50, comes with prawns, sotong, lean meat, chicken, fish and egg. I seriously can't think of any other hor fun that is more value for money.

What I love most is the irresistable gravy that is incredibly flavorful and yet not oily and goes very well with the well-fried hor fun with the wok hei fragrance. The ingredients are extremely fresh and tasty.

If you are craving for delicious seafood hor fun, hesitate no longer. Come down to Albert Centre Food Centre in Bugis and try it for yourself today.


Four Seas Fried Mee & Rice Fried Hor Fun
Albert Centre Food Centre
270 Queen Street
Singapore 180270