Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sembawang White Bee Hoon

Located opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, the speciality dish of this cze char stall, as its name suggests, is 'white bee hoon'. Fried in a similar way as fried hokkien prawn mee, 'white bee hoon' is coated with tasty white gravy and topped with fried egg, prawns and sotong.

I was initially skeptical when my friend told me about this fantastic white bee hoon but after trying it, I have to agree that this is the BEST seafood fried bee hoon in Singapore.

A plate of Sembawang white bee hoon, which costs $4, comes in a serving that is very satisfactory for one person. Impressively fried with a rich wok hei flavour, the bee hoon is coated with thick mouthwatering gravy and served with generous toppings of fried egg. I especially enjoyed the special sambal chilli sauce that is spicy and sour and complements the fried bee hoon really well. Forget about the prawns and sotong as the bee hoon is already so delicious, you can eat it on its own.

Besides having the best seafood fried bee hoon in Singapore, Sembawang White Bee Hoon also has other cze char dishes. After trying it for the first time last month, I began to have repeated cravings for the white bee hoon and certainly didn't mind travelling all the way to Sembawang to have it. Come down and try it for yourself too.


Sembawang White Bee Hoon
2 Jalan Tampang
Singapore 758946
Closed on Wednesdays


Anonymous said...

I visited this place today. I fully agree that the bee hoon is good. What I like most is the bee hoon was freshly fried (not those fried hours ago and left in a container to be dished out and have the gravy pour over). The best part of it is the fried is very well fried. Pricing wise is reasonable.

Wen said...


Thanks for this recommendation. I was there on Sunday. Thumb up for the bee hoon. My family love it too.


Anonymous said...

Visited this last sunday didn't much of the white bee hoon but the prawn roll was very good.

Extreme Power said...


Anonymous said...

Its really good

Anonymous said...

Its very GOOD !!! must try the fried pork with ginger and shallot too. It'll make you wanting to go back for more...

Anonymous said...

I keep on going there! All the food are yummy and I like the stuff there....they are friendly!