Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sin Hoe Hin Dark Sauce Wanton Mee

According to the ST Foodies Club, there are at least 5 different types of dry wanton mee in Singapore: the traditional Cantonese wanton mee, the ketchup wanton mee, the Kuala Lumpur dark sauce wanton mee, the Sarawak kolo mee and the Pontian wanton mee. Sin Hoe Hin Dark Sauce Wanton Mee is a KL dark sauce wanton mee which is characterised by the use of dark soya sauce and oyster sauce as compared with the traditional Cantonese wanton mee which uses light soya sauce, chilli and oil.

I ordered a plate of $4 wanton mee which comes with delicious noodles topped with generous servings of char siew, kangkong vegetables, fried wanton and shrimp dumplings. The mouthwatering noodles are thoroughly coated with the flavorful dark sauce which has the unmistakable fragrance of dark soya sauce and the delightful sweetness of oyster sauce. The fresh kangkong complements the noodles very well, adding a different flavour to the dish. The char siew is tender and well-roasted. The fried wanton are crispy and tasty. The shrimp dumplings are extremely fleshy and appetizing.

Although I am a fan of the traditional Cantonese wanton mee like Hong Mao, Fei Fei, Koka and Koung's, I still find Sin Hoe Hin wanton mee very sumptuous. This is indeed the best KL dark sauce wanton mee in Singapore.


Sin Hoe Hin Dark Sauce Wanton Mee
12 Rowell Road
7.30am to 1.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Update 21/9/2008 - This stall has closed down.


Sophia said...

Tis wanton mee is indeed very special. Sad that it is open only in the morning. Very hard to find the chance to eat it.

lorraine82 said...

Oic, I still prefer the traditional cantonese wanton mee like hong mao... finds sin hoe hin wanton mee too sweet...

Anonymous said...

I went there last weekend and found that the place was closed. Apparently there's some renovations going on. Anyone knows if they've moved away or will they be back to business at the usual place at a later date?

Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your blog after i was searching for nice wanton noodle.. this stall was not at simon road junction managed by previous stall owner son. Still cooked by the aunty but now more expensive and quality drops.. the taste of the noodle is different too.. hope they really consider changing back to previous taste n ingredients to win back loyal customers.

Gladis said...

I chanced upon your blog when i search for nice wanton noodle(yes, i am a wanton noodle fan). This stall is now located at Simon road junction. The quality of the noodle and ingredients seems to taste different now. Not worth going back. Now managed by the lady boss son but still cook by this lady boss just dun understand why it tasted different and more expensive as well.. think now $3.50+