Thursday, November 15, 2007

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow

I read about this famous fried kway teow at Hong Lim Food Centre but never had the opportunity to try it as it was always closed in the evenings when I went there for dinner. The opportunity finally came when I went there for lunch today and I must admit that it is really fantastic.

Even though it is so outstanding, a plate of Outram Park Fried Kway Teow costs only $2. Compared to the other fried kway teow, it is slightly more wet in consistency and vaguely resembles the Apollo Fried Kway Teow from Marine Parade Food Centre although it is much better. The mouthwatering kway teow is impressively fried with savory sweet sauce which confers a memorable flavour that is accentuated by the pleasant fragrance of pork lard and the unmistakable aroma of garlic. For those who believe that fried kway teow is never complete without cockles, the irresistable kway teow is complemented by a generous serving of fresh cockles.

Outram Park Fried Kway Teow is indeed the one and only fried kway teow that is both delicious and value for money.


Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee
Hong Lim Food Centre
Blk 531A Upper Cross Street
Singapore 510531
7am to 4.30pm


Anonymous said...

Yeah this char kway teow is simply delicious... yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, while you're at Hong Lim, try the famous curry mee... there're 2 stalls... both very good but I like the one at the 2nd level better...

Anonymous said...

Hi, there's a great char kway teow at maxwell food centre. Hav u tried it b4?

Dean said...

this one's the best man i remember eating this all the time when i was young when they were back at the old outram park coffee shop