Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jacob's Cafe Beef Stew

After I read the book Tell It @ Jacob's Cafe written by Towsoon Lim, the founder of Jacob's Cafe, I was curious about its famous beef stew, so I went down to the restaurant at Changi Village on a Friday evening to try it for myself.

Seated at the alfresco section of Jacob's Cafe, I enjoyed the cosy and soothing ambience and almost did not realise that I was actually on the void deck of a HDB flat. I ordered a bowl of beef stew and a plate of rice which cost $10.20. With no service charge and no GST, the prices on the menu are exactly what you pay on the bill.

Indeed value for money, the delicious beef stew comes in a satisfactory portion served with generous chunks of beef and pieces of carrot and potato. Concentrated with the sweet essence of beef, the mouthwatering soup is delightfully thick and irresistably flavorful. The beef chunks, though tasty and fleshy, could have been less tough and more marinated.

Overall it was a sumptuous dinner at Jacob's Cafe. I absolutely loved the special ambience of the place and would certainly bring my family and friends down to try its other recommended dishes eg Hainanese mutton stew and chicken curry.


Jacob's Cafe
Blk 5 Changi Village Road
#01-2049 Singapore 500005
Closed on Sundays


Justin D. Pereira said...

sounds good. i wanted to visit that place last month but found out it was closed on a sunday. sigh....LOL. anything else there to recommend?

i also write food reviews at =)

Anonymous said...


I always remember those days, were I'm still in jacobs cafe...A happy time's and hardship's,but still I remember the good ennvironment whith in my boss mrs. lim and mr. lim tow soon. The taste of of all the they sereved to thier customer's and the staff as well...

More power and may God bless us all.