Friday, November 27, 2009

Ah Yee's Soon Kueh

Located at the basement of Dunman Food Centre, Ah Yee's Soon Kueh has one of the best soon kueh (steamed Chinese dumpling with rice flour skin and chopped turnip filling) in Singapore.

Handmade on the spot and served piping hot, Ah Yee's soon kueh are undoubtedly fresh and tasty. Reasonably priced at 80 cents per piece, I was amazed by the generous variety and superior quality of the ingredients which ranged from crunchy turnip strips to mushroom, carrot and fragrant dried shrimps.

Although I am not a fan of soon kueh, I was certainly impressed by Ah Yee's and would definitely return for more.


Ah Yee's Soon Kueh
Dunman Food Centre
Blk 271 Onan Road

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ocean Economic Rice

When I was having dinner with my friends at the Toa Payoh branch of Mellben Seafood some weeks ago, I noticed a long queue in front of this economic rice stall named Ocean Curry Fishhead. Curious to find out what is so special about this economic rice, I returned on another day to try it for myself.

I ordered a plate of rice with curry vegetables, curry chicken and fried omelette which costs $3.30. Richly scented with a distinctive lemon grass fragrance, the curry gravy is spicy and savory. I was most impressed with the fried omelette which came with fresh shrimps.

Yet to try its other signature dishes such as curry fishhead, sambal prawn, mutton rendang, sambal cockles, oyster sotong etc, I would certainly bring my family down to Ocean Curry Fishhead for dinner soon.


Ocean Curry Fishhead
Blk 212 Toa Payoh Lorong 8

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tan Soon Mui Soya Beancurd

At only 50 cents a bowl, Tan Soon Mui soya beancurd at Serangoon Gardens Food Centre must be the cheapest in Singapore. Unless you can still find those soya beancurd in some primary school canteens, which if I remembered correctly, used to cost only 20 cents.

Served in a porcelain bowl, the soya beancurd is soft and smooth with a traditional flavour.

Although it says offer on its signboard, I have not seen a price increase, at least for the past 2 years. If you patronise Serangoon Garden Food Centre for dinner, do complete your meal with a bowl of sweet soya beancurd from Tan Soon Mui.


Tan Soon Mui Soya Beancurd
Serangoon Garden Food Centre
49A Serangoon Garden Way
Stall 41

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ishi Mura House Special Ramen

This Japanese-themed foodcourt on the level 3 extension of Northpoint Shopping Centre looks more like a restaurant on the outside. Which is why even though I have been working in Yishun, I never knew that Ishi Mura is a foodcourt until recently.

An interesting concept of food stalls with an impressive variety of delicious Japanese food ranging from ramen to baked rice and omelette rice, pizza and pasta, okonomiyaki, bento and burger, sushi and sashimi etc, I decided to have the house special ramen after much hesitation.

Reasonably priced at $6.90, the house special ramen comes with a prawn, two scallops, a piece of char siew (braised meat) and half a braised egg. Filled with delightful seafood essence and a slight milky tinge, the special soup is sweet and flavorful and goes very well with the springy ramen. The authentic homemade chilli paste is remarkably spicy and savory. The fresh scallops and prawn are also juicy and tasty.

Delicious yet affordably priced, Ishi Mura ramen will certainly give Ajisen ramen a run for its money.


Ishi Mura (Northpoint)
Northpoint Shopping Centre
930 Yishun Avenue 2