Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bukit Purmei Lor Mee

Located in a coffee shop at the void deck of a small housing estate, this famous lor mee is well-known to draw large crowds during lunch time. When I went there for lunch today, I had to queue for 20 minutes before I got my noodles.

A $3 bowl of Bukit Purmei lor mee comes with a satisfactory variety of delicious ingredients eg ngor hiang, fish cake, braised meat, char siew, meat nuggets etc. Like Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee at Amoy Street, its mouthwatering gravy is its winning factor.

Extraordinarily fragrant and flavorful, the special gravy coats every strand of noodle thoroughly, every mouthful is simply irresistable. The complementary chilli and garlic pastes further accentuate the rich and authentic flavour of the gravy, making the dish so fantastic that you can eat it on its own. Even so, this lor mee comes with generous servings of ingredients which are fresh and tasty. I was pleasantly surprised to find char siew in lor mee.

Compared with Yuan Chun lor mee, I feel that Bukit Purmei lor mee is more delicious and value-for-money. Even though it is not as accessible, I still prefer to have Bukit Purmei lor mee for lunch.


Bukit Purmei Lor Mee
Blk 109 Bukit Purmei Road
7am - 3.30pm
Closed on Mondays


lorraine82 said...

This is the best lor mee in Spore... better than the one at Tiong Bahru...

market2garden said...

Just to give a piece of information here. The coffeeshop stated just renovted last month, and the lor mee stall now the FIRST STAll, not the usual second stall. Price: #2.50 minimum.

James said...

i used to be a fan and eat it every week since i live in bt purmei last time. but now, they put much more MSG, so much that after eating it you suffer from massive dehydration... i drink 13 cups already (and still counting) and my mouth is still dry from the high MSG!

it's still worth a try, provided you drink lots n lots of water! no choice, everything is more expensive, they are probably saving on the lor mee stock by putting more MSG seasoning.

Sen said...

Ya, my tongue felt so dry after eating, must be the MSG. But the Lor Mee is really quite nice.

Joseph said...

I still prefers the Old Arport Road stall. Loves those fried fish pieces & nice gravy. They started at the wet market at Dakota Cresent 40 plus years back when I was a kid then. Not sure if anyone old enough to remembers that.

John Tey said...

James, you should get yourself checked for diabeter. Seriously... 13 cups of water is no joke.