Monday, September 17, 2007

Astons Prime

Much has been blogged and discussed about Astons Specialities in our online food communities over the past year eg Dr Leslie Tay's ieatishootipost blog and Astons Specialities blog.

There is no doubt Astons' mouthwatering steaks are value for money but questions have surfaced about the inconsistencies of service and food quality which are aggravated by the perpetually long queue and setting up of franchises.

On the contrary, little is known about Astons Prime that is recently set up in Joo Chiat near to Astons Specialties. With dark-colored glass windows and the absence of a queue outside, many food enthusiasts are curious about what is happening inside Astons Prime. Are the prices in Astons Prime similar to Astons Specialties? Is the quality of the food as remarkable?

So I decided to take the opportunity to have lunch there today. Glancing through the menu, I noticed that the prices of the food were slightly more expensive than Astons Specialties. I ordered the New Zealand Rib Eye Steak which was highly recommended in many forums & blogs. Indeed the service was quite slow and I waited impatiently for around 40 minutes for my steak to arrive.

When I took my first bite into the rib eye steak, I finally understood why the long wait was so worthwhile. It was unbelievably fabulous, more than words can say. The meat was extremely tender and succulent, every bite is wholesome and satisfying. In addition, it was well-grilled to the right extent, it exudes a characteristic smoky aroma and an irresistable meaty taste. The New Zealand Rib Eye Steak cost $18.90 and it was indeed one of the best steaks I have ever tasted.

Overall it was a memorable lunch experience and I certainly look forward to returning to Astons Prime for more.


Astons Prime
467 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427678
Open 11.30 to 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Call 63442447 for reservations


lorraine82 said...

Just wondering... how much cheaper is the food at Aston Specialties? Somehow there is always so long a queue outside...

Gary said...

Thanks for your recommendation. Brought my family down to Astons Prime for dinner yesterday. Food was excellent.

kensongs said...

The food at Astons Prime is around $5 more than Astons Specialties. Correct me if I'm wrong. And the steaks at Astons Specialties come with 2 free side dishes.

blue_sky said...

Hey friend, didn't know u're so talented :) Your photos r beautiful, especially the ribeye steak, make me feel so hungry.

Stephanie said...

Hi, went to Astons Specialties for dinner last week, food was okay but not too happy with the service.