Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mariners' Corner Restaurant

Whenever I have to think of a romantic Western restaurant to bring my loved one for a special dinner, Mariners' Corner Restaurant is always the first to come to my mind. Situated inside Maritime House which is well-hidden within the HDB flats of Cantonment Park, this restaurant serves the most affordable and the most delicious Western food I have ever tasted in Singapore.

If there is one dish which I have to recommend, it will be the sirloin steak with grilled lobster set which costs only $18. The steak is tender and juicy and the lobster is delicate and mouth-watering. Top up $3.50 and you will enjoy free flow salad bar, garlic bread, soup of the day, ice cream and coffee or tea.

Enjoy a memorable dinner with your loved one under the cozy ambience of candlelight and soothing music of sentimental love songs. Experience the nostalgic feeling when you dine in the dim lighting, surrounded by wooden walls, tinted windows, beautiful paintings and checkered table cloths. In addition, the experienced staff are friendly and approachable, and never fail to make you feel comfortable at all times.

What is even more worthwhile mentioning, is that every time upon leaving the restaurant, I feel the satisfaction of having a sumptuous dinner and a lasting impression which no other restaurant can give.


Mariners' Corner Restaurant
120 Cantonment Road
#01-02 Maritime House
Singapore 089760
Tel: 6224 9928


lorraine82 said...

Hi kensongs, my husband & I love this restaurant... food is delicious, service is great, ambience is cool... heard from my parents that it used to be very crowded 10 years ago...

stephanie_80 said...

Thanks for yr recommendations. Went there with my friends last week. It was fantastic. And not expensive at all. Love the steak, lobster and salad bar. Will be back for more.

Roberts said...

Hi, yr blog is very impressive. My family & I love this restaurant. The food is excellent, the ambience breathtaking and the service wonderful.

Clara said...

Hey, my dad visited there about a month or two ago, and apparently, the food has gone down hill due to a change their head chef.
I don't know what this bodes but I still want to go there and see if the food really has gone down in quality. Maybe my dad is just petty as usual.

The restaurant brings me fond memories, like one during my birthday. They were so kind as to throw my a surprise at the end of the dinner. :)

This restaurant may be in danger as it seems to only catch the attention of the older generation, even though it is far exceeds most restaurants I know. It puts the "V" in "Value for money" and the "Q" for "Quality". Not to mention the "A" in "Ambience".
Okay, basically it is awesome! :D

We need more young people like me to notice this dying breed of restaurants. I really hope that this place will go on... It will be a lost to have it close down...

Anonymous said...

Have been there a couple of times. Food is still alright. Love the escargot :)