Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soon Lee Fire-Pot Stew Beef Noodle

There are times when I wished I have taken a better picture of the food I recommend. But I was too hungry to resist the temptation of this fire-pot stew beef noodle, so I just snapped a random shot and started to eat. Believe me, this fire-pot stew beef noodle tastes a thousand times better than it looks in the photo.

Run by two ladies in their sixties, Soon Lee at Alexandra Village Food Centre has a variety of stew beef dishes. I ordered the fire-pot stew beef with a plate of noodles which cost $6. Served piping hot in a fire-pot with carrot and potato, the tender and fleshy chunks of well-marinated stew beef are coated with thick flavorful gravy that is irresistably sweet and savory. The mouthwatering gravy, together with the special chilli paste, complement the thin noodles (mee kia) very well. The delicious noodles also come with a bowl of soup that is concentrated with delightful beef essence.

Soon Lee fire-pot stew beef noodle is certainly the best that I have tasted in Singapore. If you are a beef lover like me, come down to Alexandra Village Food Centre and experience it for yourself.


Soon Lee Beef Soup
Alexandra Village Food Centre

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