Friday, May 29, 2009

Inspirasi Mee Soto

Open only after 11am daily, Inspirasi Stall at Bedok Interchange Food Centre has one of the best mee soto in Singapore. Even before the shutters are drawn, there is already a queue in front of the stall.

I ordered a bowl of mee soto which costs $2.50. The magic of Inspirasi mee soto lies in the special gravy which is irresistably savory and spicy. Some people have commented that the gravy is too sweet for their liking but I feel that, together with the fantastic sambal chilli, the gravy is certainly the best that I have tasted so far.

If you are a fan of mee soto, you must not miss Inspirasi mee soto that is not only outstanding but value for money.


Inspirasi Stall
Bedok Interchange Food Centre


Anonymous said...

To tell you the truth,the soup is too thin....try the soto at Changi Airport T1 staff canteen,then you know what real soto is,they sell good nasi ayam penyet too!

Anonymous said...

The one at Adam is the best!! Can't remember the name but it's signage is red and is run solely by an auntie, sedap!!