Friday, October 30, 2009

Blanco Prawn Noodle House

When I passed by Jalan Kayu last weekend, I was delighted to see a new addition to its stretch of delicious eating places - Blanco Prawn Noodle House.

I ordered the $5 bowl of pork rib prawn mee which comes with 4 pieces of pork ribs and 3 pieces of halved prawns. What immediately impressed me was how the thick and mouthwatering soup, which was concentrated with the flavours of prawn and pork rib, complemented the noodles so well. The halved prawns are sweet and the pork ribs are fleshy and tasty.

Though similar in names, I do not know if Blanco Prawn Noodle House is related to the famous Blanco Court Prawn Noodle at Beach Road. Nevertheless its pork rib prawn mee is certainly fantastic enough to keep me coming back to Jalan Kayu for more.


Blanco Prawn Noodle House
Jalan Kayu
Closed on Tuesdays


Anonymous said...

It's related, the lady boss of Jalan Kayu used to work with her sister at Beach Road.

Anonymous said...

The Soup at the beach road stall is still taste better.