Thursday, January 3, 2008

Haji Kadir Mee Kuah

Located at the ground storey of Golden Mile Food Centre, Haji Kadir is well-known for its soup tulang (mutton bone marrow soup). Never a fan of soup tulang, I decided to try its mee kuah instead. Mee kuah is an Indian noodle dish that is characterised by its red gravy made from chilli paste, tomato puree and food colouring and is served with cabbage, peas, potato and a fried egg.

A bowl of Haji Kadir mee kuah costs $3.50, slightly more expensive than other mee kuah. Bright red in colour, the savory gravy is irresistably sweet and spicy with the concentrated essence of mutton and combined flavours of spices, complementing the delicious noodles. Unlike other mee kuah that come with stingy pieces of mutton, Haji Kadir mee kuah comes with generous servings of mutton that is extremely tasty and satisfactory. My only dissatisfaction is that the gravy is not spicy enough, lacking in the flammable ability to scorch the taste buds.

Nevertheless this is one of the more impressive mee kuah I have tasted in Singapore. Do come down to Golden Mile Food Centre and experience it for yourself today.


Haji Kadir-M.Baharudeen
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road #B1-13-15
Singapore 199583
12.30pm to 1.30am
Closed alternate Wednesdays

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