Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bee Kia Seafood Hor Fun

Better known as "the hor fun stall opposite Thomson Medical Centre", Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant is famous for its seafood hor fun and beef hor fun, rated by food reviewers as one of the best in Singapore. When I went there for lunch today, I was surprised to see many people in the coffee shop eating hor fun. As it is uncommon for Singaporeans to have hor fun for lunch, it only means that Bee Kia's hor fun must be really excellent.

I ordered the seafood hor fun which costs $3. Coated with thick mouthwatering gravy filled with the flavorful essence of seafood, the delicious kway teow is thoroughly fried with an irresistable charcoal fragrance and delightful soy sauce taste. The prawns and sotong are fresh and sweet while the meat is tender and tasty.

This is indeed one of the best seafood hor fun I have ever tasted in Singapore. With well-fried kway teow and savory gravy that complement each other so well, this seafood hor fun is so sumptuous, you can eat it on its own. I will definitely return to try its beef hor fun someday.


Bee Kia Seafood Restaurant
Blk 1 Balestier Hill Shopping Centre
Thomson Road
12pm to 11pm


lorraine82 said...

Hi kensongs, u're right... this is the best hor fun in Singapore... wait till u try its beef hor fun... better than Geylang's...

Anonymous said...

Hi, how long do you have to wait before you were served?

samantha14 said...

The beef hor fun there is the best I've ever tasted, better than the one at Geylang Lor 9.

dreams said...

Must try the beef hor fun. It's the best in Spore.

Anonymous said...

i prefer the seafood horfun at alexandra village... not sure what's the store name, but it's located near the middle, beside some wanton noodle store (i think)

Anonymous said...

annonymous is right. Alexandra village market horfun is VVVV good. somewhere in the middle. very old school looking stall. run by grouchy old woman. diagonally across has a stingray and fried rice stall amongst other pengkang items. Damn solid stingray and fried rice (the best i ever tried).

anyone got nice horfun stall to recommend?