Friday, December 26, 2008

Hougang Hainanese Curry Rice

When I went to Bendemeer Food Centre for lunch last weekend, I saw a long queue in front of Hougang Hainanese Curry Rice and decided to give it a try.

I ordered a plate of rice with a curry chicken drumstick and curry vegetables which cost $3 in total. You might ask, "Why everything curry?" Well, if I have to choose some dishes to gauge the standard of Hainanese curry rice, my obvious choices will be the curry dishes. More sweet and savory than spicy, the flavorful curry is somewhat reminiscent of that of the famous Redhill curry rice. The curry vegetables, however, are slightly too salty for my liking.

I guess I still prefer Nyonya curry over Hainanese curry because Nyonya curry is more spicy, less sweet and less sticky. Nevertheless, Hougang Hainanese Curry Rice is still a must-try for Hainanese curry fans in Singapore.


Hougang Hainanese Curry Rice
Bendemeer Market and Food Centre
Blk 29 Bendemeer Road

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