Sunday, October 3, 2010

365 Potong Curry Rice

Located opposite Shaw Towers at Balestier inside Kian Lian coffee shop which is famous for its bak kut teh, I was surprised to find 365 Potong Curry Rice which has a wide variety of curry dishes, including my favorite curry mutton.

I ordered a plate of plain rice with curry vegetables, egg omelette and curry mutton which cost $3.50.

Rich with the concentrated fragrance of spices and curry powder, the curry gravy is exceptionally thick and savory, coating the tender and fleshy pieces of mutton. The egg omelette is tasty with a subtle charred aroma and the vegetable curry has a distinct traditional flavour.

If you are a fan of curry mutton, 365 Potong Curry Rice is one of the few stalls in Singapore with delicious curry mutton. Come down to Balestier and try it for yourself.


365 Potong Curry Rice
Kian Lian Coffee Shop
365 Balestier Road
Singapore 329785

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