Saturday, October 20, 2007

178 Shark Meat Lor Mee

Tiong Bahru Food Centre is famous for its lor mee. But unfortunately, there are 3 stalls selling lor mee, hence it is very difficult to tell which is the one everybody is talking about. To complicate things further, the stall selling the original Tiong Bahru lor mee is not the one with the longest queue. When I went there for lunch today, I decided to try the stall with the longest queue, 178 Lor Mee, which is well-known for its shark meat nuggets.

For only $3, you get a big bowl of delicious lor mee with generous servings of fish cake, braised meat, meat fritters and of course, shark meat nuggets. The outstanding gravy is savory and flavorful but not overly thick or starchy. The deep fried shark meat nuggets are fresh and tender but taste remarkably similar to ordinary fish nuggets.

Overall, 178 Lor Mee is definitely one of the best lor mee in Singapore, although some lor mee lovers who prefer the authentic lor mee with braised egg, braised meat and ngor hiang might be disappointed. But with shark meat nuggets as its distinguishing factor, it is self-explanatory why it is so well sought after.


178 Lor Mee
Tiong Bahru Market
Seng Poh Road #02-58
Singapore 168897
Closed on Wednesdays


Aston said...

Prefer the original Tiong Bahru Lor Mee

Anonymous said...

The original Tiong Bahru Lor Mee has shifted to Bukit Batok... I wonder if the one at Tiong Bahru Market is indeed the real one?

lorraine82 said...

Yeah the Tiong Bahru Lor Mee in Tiong Bahru Market is indeed the original one... the one in Bukit Batok is also set up by the same owner...

Anonymous said...

However the Lor mee at Bt Purmei is better than Tiong Bahru. The owner are also related. But Bt Purmei is 'friendlier" .

Anonymous said...

There is one at Tanjong Pagar Market. I tried before and it was marvellecious. Same time you can have ice-kachang with peanut.

Anonymous said...

Best Lor Mee? should be the Ah Moy Street Lor mee (started in 1940s in Boon Tat Street, and moved to Ah Moy Street Hawker Centre 2nd floor).

Shreeja N said...

So many reviews and beautiful pictures! Loved your site and your posts.have a great day!