Saturday, September 8, 2007

Na Na Homemade Curry

This is definitely Singapore's BEST curry. Over the years, I have been searching for another curry that can match the high standards of Na Na Homemade Curry but none can be found.

The secret to this excellent curry can be found in its mouthwatering gravy. Thick in consistency and more spicy than chilli padi, the flammable gravy combusts gently in the mouth, creating a irresistable burning sensation on the taste buds and a sizzling aftertaste that lingers for hours. Savour the characteristic aroma and subtle sweetness of the coconut milk that is so complementary to the spicy gravy. Enjoy your curry with mouthfuls of plain rice that readily sooth the warm excoriation on your throat.

At Na Na Homemade Curry, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious curry dishes including curry chicken, curry vegetables, curry mutton and curry fish head, depending on your preference and liking for the day. So hesitate no more, bring your family down to Bedok Central and experience Singapore's best curry today.


Na Na Homemade Curry
NTUC Foodfare
Blk 204 Bedok North St 1


lydia said...

from your recommendation I brought my dad to Na Na Homemade Curry to eat, and now we are both BIG fans.

by the way, the japanese curry at Great World City foodcourt is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Is the shop still available?