Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hong Mao Wanton Noodles

Please allow me to introduce, what I feel is, the BEST WANTON NOODLES I have ever tasted in Singapore. Situated in an old coffee shop along Tembeling Road, Hong Mao Wanton Noodles is always so popular, the waiting time is hardly less than forty five minutes. However, don't let this discourage you because once you sink your teeth into those delicious noodles, you will understand why the long wait is so worthwhile.

First of all, the chilli is so spicy and unique, it blends impeccably with the noodles and leaves a lingering taste in your mouth even hours after eating. Secondly, the irresistable dumplings, which are made from seasoned minced meat, exude a savory fragrance with every bite. Thirdly, the soup, which is brewed from fresh anchovy, is so tasty, it completes the unforgettable experience of having Hong Mao wanton mee and makes you want to return for more.

Enough said, drop by Hong Mao Noodle House today but remember to bring along a book or PSP, to pass time while waiting. Enjoy your noodles.


Hong Mao Noodle House
128 Eating Corner
Tembeling Road
Open in the morning until 1pm
Closed on Mondays


Gary said...

Hi kensongs, I've been searching for this wanton mee for so long. It used to be in the coffee shop opposite Fei Fei many years ago but I didn't know where it moved to. Thanks for recommending. Hong Mao has the best wanton mee.

Anonymous said...

This is the best wanton mee I've ever tasted in Spore... Great blog.

Camemberu said...

Hiya kensongs, added your blog to my list. You have a lot of noodles in your reviews! :)

kensongs said...

Thanks Camemberu, u're right. I love noodles, particularly prawn noodle soup and wanton mee, never get bored of eating them.

SLF said...

Foodies, this shop has just moved to 182 Joo Chiat road. Right in front of the large car park. Waiting time is still the same though! ;(