Friday, March 7, 2008

Boat Quay Wanton Mee

I remembered reading a blog post several months ago about the wanton mee on the second storey of Amoy Street Food Centre which has super long queues during lunch time and comes with extraordinary servings of wanton. But after I tried it, I was disappointed by the mediocre quality of the noodles and wanton.

Today I'm going to blog about another wanton mee on the ground storey of Amoy Street Food Centre which I felt is much more delicious.

I ordered a plate of wanton mee and a bowl of dumpling soup which cost only $3 in total. Coated with savory chilli sauce, the delicious noodles are flavorful and not overly dry or soggy. Rich with the sweet essence of anchovy, the mouthwatering soup comes with more than 10 dumplings which are delightfully tasty and tender.

In my opinion, Boat Quay wanton mee is not exceptionally outstanding. The chilli, the noodles and the dumplings are delicious but certainly not special. However I still feel that it is the better wanton mee in Amoy Street Food Centre and definitely worthwhile to give it a try.


Boat Quay Wanton Mee
Amoy Street Food Centre
7 Maxwell Road #01-31

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citylover said...

Agreed... the wanton noodles at the second storey is overrated... dunno why the queue is always so long.