Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eng's Char Siew Wanton Noodles

I used to patronize Dunman Food Centre frequently for supper many years ago and my favorite stall is Eng's Char Siew Wanton Noodles. Well-known for its fiery hot chilli that is believed to be made from ground pepper, Eng's noodles is so popular, the waiting time can be as long as 45 minutes. I usually order a small packet of nasi lemak to partially satisfy my hunger while waiting.

The unique chilli is extremely spicy with a strong tinge of pepper, it bursts into flames inside the mouth and stings the taste buds mercilessly. The delicious noodles are tasty with a distinct egg fragrance. The dumplings are tender and savory. The wanton soup is sweet and readily extinguishes the residual spiciness in the throat.

Indeed Eng's Char Siew Wanton Noodles is one of the more impressive wanton noodles in Singapore.


Eng's Char Siew Wanton Noodles
Dunman Food Centre
Onan Road
Singapore 424768
Closed on Wednesdays


This stall has been relocated to:
Dunman Food Centre
Basement, Stall 02
Closed on Mondays


However, one thing that lets this stall down is its poor service. If you haven't seen how the owners take their own sweet time to cook the noodles, serve the soup to the customers long before the noodles arrive, refusing to take extra orders when the queue is long, serve soup to you first but noodles to customers who ordered later etc, go down and try it for yourself. In recent years, I certainly ran out of patience and started having Dunman wanton mee on the second storey instead.


lorraine82 said...

Wow the wanton mee looks great. Thanks for recommending.

Anonymous said...

The last two weeks I have been trying out the various highly recommended wanton noodles, ang mo, fei fei, Kaung (geylang) bamboo noodles (joo chiat), eng's wanton noodles and kok kee (emiment food court - lavander street.

My conclusion is that eng's stands out to be the best in terms of quality and dollar value.

I was there today, the wanton soup was outstanding. It is not the pre-cooked stuff and dumped onto your noodles or soup when you order, I know the rest does the same with the exception of kok kee.

Another noticable quality, is the way the vegetable is cooked, just right - maintaining the crunchiness and freshness of it.

The most outstanding part of the serving is the chill sauce. It nearly burn a hole in my throat - solid stuff. The boss still adheres to the old ways of wanton noodles chill sauce and not those with balcan mixed in it - balcan does not go down well with wanton noodles.

Another minor detail is the green chill. The green chill at ang mo have to much vingear in it and fei fei's is a bit old, causing the green chill to be soft and not crunchy.

In the department of soup, it was very tough to say who is better. Each has its own distinct taste. I must say that ang mo appears to have less msg then the rest. This is based on the dryness of my throat after drinking the soup.

The most critical of all is the noodles. The texture of eng's noodles stands out. I must say that the boss 28 years of experience has a very large part to play in it. Fei Fei (joo chiat place) unfortunately is run by an employee, I guess the boss has made enough as to not waste his time at the stall now. Kaungs and Ang Mo is still run by the founders, the cooking is not bad but I find their noodles has no distinct differences, like any other factory manufactured stuff.

Lastly, I hate noodles (whether mee pok or wanton noodles) that are served with a large amount of soup in it - making it hard to know whether you are eating dry noodles or chill soup noodles. Eng's and Fei Fei has the right level of dryness, enough soup for you to give your noodles and ingredients a good mixing around.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, i would rate Hong Mao Wanton mee as the best i've tasted. Then Kok Kee. I've noticed in this blog that Ah Seng's wanton mee, which also operates in dunman foodcentre, has not been mentioned.

In my opinion, Eng's chilli is way too spicy and it takes away alot of its taste. Ah Seng Wanton mee, in my opinion, has a better taste.

Try it out =) Although it is in no way as good as Hong Mao, but i would rate it along the standards of Kok Kee. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ah Seng's is right beside Heng Heng Prawn Mee.