Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big Bird Chicken Rice

I remembered having Big Bird chicken rice at Peace Centre in Selegie many years ago and was amazed by its super hot chilli sauce. Since then, it has moved out of Selegie and I have no idea where it went until recently, when I read that it is now at Balmoral Plaza in Bukit Timah.

The chicken rice set for one person which cost $5 comes with a bowl of chicken rice and a plate of steamed white chicken. I was impressed with the golden yellow rice which is marvellously fragrant and flavorful. The special chilli sauce has not changed over the years, still extraordinarily scorching and spicy with a strong peppery taste. The steamed white chicken is fresh and fleshy and goes very well with the rice and chilli.

Big Bird Chicken Rice is indeed praiseworthy for its unbeatable chilli sauce. If you are a chilli lover, you must come down to Balmoral Plaza and try it for yourself.


Big Bird Chicken Rice
Balmoral Plaza
271 Bukit Timah Road


Becklee said...

If you want a taste of great Hainanese chicken rice come to KL or Malacca. You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

the place is hot! chicken so so. Only the rice is good. And the service is thumb down.

unhappy said...

Chicken rice here is similar to many uncle/auntie stalls you get at many hawker centres.

We bought a standard chicken rice ($5) and a student meal chicken rice ($3.5), and they both looked exactly the same portion sized. Does that mean my primary 1 son is served a standard size portion at student pricing??? OR am I served a student sized meal at Standard pricing?

Most interestingly, the cashier repeatedly reminded the lady that's preparing the food that "one student meal and one standard..".

Felt ripped-off for a $5 meal that looks like a primary school kid meal, and more expensive than a similar $3 chicken rice at hawker centre.