Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lam's Crab Bee Hoon

My pursuit for crab bee hoon led me to this stall at Rangoon Road which is featured on Makansutra. Better known for its prawn noodle soup, Lam's also has crab bee hoon which I just could not resist.

The steamed crab bee hoon which costs $10 is served with a small crab. Gently steamed to a mild springy consistency, the dry bee hoon tastes unique but somewhat lacking in flavour. Although small, the mouthwatering crab is fresh and sweet and serves as a worthy compensation for the disappointing noodles. The crab bee hoon also comes with a complementary bowl of prawn soup which is full of savory seafood essence.

To all crab lovers out there, Lam's is one special crab bee hoon that you must try if you haven't. For only $10, you get to satisfy your craving for crabs. Besides steamed crab bee hoon, Lam's also has crab noodle soup and prawn noodles which I will definitely try someday.


Lam's Crab Bee Hoon
83 Rangoon Rd Singapore 218369

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lorraine82 said...

Hi kensongs, have u tried the crab bee hoon from Don Pies at China Square? It's quite nice...