Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Liang Seah Street Prawn Mee

At Golden Shoe Food Centre where the famous nasi lemak and lor mee cost only $2, I was surprised to find out that a bowl of Liang Seah Street pork rib prawn mee costs $5. What made me even more skeptical was that the stall also sells laksa and lor mee, which makes me wonder if the prawn mee is indeed so delicious.

On a Thursday evening when the nasi lemak is sold out and the lor mee stall is closed, I finally decided to try the $5 pork rib prawn mee and it was certainly worth the price.

What I liked most about Liang Seah Street prawn mee is the special soup that is highly concentrated with the desirable sweetness of prawn and pork rib. Served with halved medium prawns, sliced small prawns and pork ribs, the noodles come in a generous portion that is definitely satisfactory for dinner.

Whether you are working in the CBD or not, do come down to Golden Shoe Food Centre and try Liang Seah Street prawn mee as it is open even after office hours.


Liang Seah Street Prawn Mee
Golden Shoe Food Centre
50 Market Street


Prawnmee fanatic said...

This is really a hidden gem. I thought I was the only one who appreciated the prawn mee! I had it almost everyday when I was working in the CBD area!

Linda said...

Anyone knows where they have shifted to? Went there last week and they are no longer around :(

Anonymous said...

PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex