Friday, July 27, 2012

Centre Satay Bee Hoon


Five years after I started this blog, I finally wrote my first post on satay bee hoon. Best described by Wikipedia as a dish of cultural fusion between Malay and Chinese, satay bee hoon consists of rice vermicilli topped with chilli-based peanut sauce, similar to the one served with satay.

While I patronize Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Food Centre frequently, today is the first time I tried Centre Satay Bee Hoon. A plate of satay bee hoon which costs $3 comes in a satisfactory portion of vermicilli served with cuttlefish, cockles, prawn, lean meat and kangkong. Remarkably sweet and savory, the thick satay sauce coats the bee hoon very well. The fresh cuttlefish is extremely tasty and crunchy.

Centre Satay Bee Hoon also has another branch in Sembawang Hill Food Centre which is how I came to know about it. After trying both stalls, I honestly can't tell the difference between the two. But I must say that they serve one of the best satay bee hoon that I've tasted in Singapore.


Centre Satay Bee Hoon
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Food Centre
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Closed on Tuesdays

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wang Lao Wu Chicken King Chicken Rice

Although I have lived in Singapore for more than three decades, I realized that there are some food centres that I have not been to. One of them is Jalan Batu Food Centre in Mountbatten. When I was there on a Monday evening, most of the stalls were closed and I had little choice but try the chicken rice from Wang Lao Wu Chicken King.

I ordered the chicken rice set which costs $4.50 and it comes with a plate of steamed white chicken, a plate of oyster sauce vegetables, a bowl of rice and a bowl of soup. Well-cooked to the perfect texture, every yellow grain of rice, which is thoroughly coated with chicken essence, is remarkably fragrant and flavorful. The special chilli paste is thick and savory and goes very well with the rice and chicken. The steamed white chicken is fresh and tender, while the oyster sauce vegetables are crunchy and tasty. The soup is one of the most delicious that I've tasted before.

Overall, I was very impressed with Wang Lao Wu Chicken King chicken rice. Despite strong competition from various famous chicken rice stalls all over Singapore, Wang Lao Wu Chicken King has indeed distinguished itself with its outstanding and value for money chicken rice.


Wang Lao Wu Chicken King
Jalan Batu Food Centre
4A Jalan Batu 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fresh Fish Seafood Soup

Having read about this famous fish soup stall with long queues during lunch time, I was both happy and surprised to find no queue when I was there on a rainy Thursday afternoon at around 130pm.

I ordered a bowl of fish soup with instant noodle which costs $3.50. Incredibly value for money, I counted more than ten pieces of fish, certainly the most that I have ever found in all similarly priced fish soups in Singapore. In addition, the thick pieces of fish are remarkably fresh, tender and fleshy. However, what I found mediocre, was the quality of the soup itself, somewhat lacking in seafood essence and aroma.

If you are a fan of cheap and good fish soup like me, you must not miss Fresh Fish Seafood Soup in Sembawang Hill Food Centre. Its outstanding fish will definitely leave you wanting to return for more.


Fresh Fish Seafood Soup
Sembawang Hill Food Centre
590 Upper Thomson Road
#01-36 S574419
11am to 230pm
Closed on Mondays