Sunday, February 15, 2009

Old Hong Kong Trolley Noodle

Trolley Noodle originated in Hong Kong in the 1950s when street hawkers served noodles topped with delicious broth and a variety of ingredients at affordable prices. Half a century later, at Marina Square in Singapore, Old Hong Kong rekindles the flavour and fragrance of trolley noodle.

For only $4, you get to choose any 5 dishes to go with your noodle. First, you choose the type of noodle you want eg mee, instant noodle, handmade noodle etc. Then you choose the type of broth to complement the noodle eg beef stew broth. Lastly you choose any 5 items from the wide selection of appetizing dishes available eg soya sauce chicken, braised duck, char siew, curry fish balls, braised egg, dried bean curd, pig skin, mushroom, vegetables etc. If you have more than 5 items in mind, just pay $0.60 more for every additional item.

My favorite combination for trolley noodle is instant noodle topped with savory beef stew broth and served with tasty soya sauce chicken, curry fish balls, char siew, braised egg and mushroom. Come down to Old Hong Kong and discover your favorite combination today.


Old Hong Kong Trolley Noodle
Marina Square Food Court

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JL said...

wanna reccommend you to a fishball noodle store at taman jurong food and market centre. its on the 2nd floor, beside the lift. its called ng kee teochew fishball noodle. closed on sat and sun, operating hrs are 5am to about 1.30pm