Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Famous Depot 108 Claypot Laksa

Bearing a striking resemblance to Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa
at Alexandra Village, this stall located in the food court of Depot Heights Shopping Centre has been featured on Singapore's Best Food Online Directory, although there was no mention if they were related.

A bowl of $4 Depot 108 claypot laksa comes in an enormous portion, more generous than Zhen Shan Mei's. Delightfully thick and savory, the coconut-filled gravy coats the delicate noodles, making every mouthful seem irresistable. The delicious laksa is well-complemented with a variety of ingredients including cockles, prawns and shredded chicken.

Depot 108 Claypot Laksa certainly has the makings of a great laksa but I still prefer Zhen Shan Mei's because its mouthwatering gravy is more spicy and authentic. Nevertheless if you have the craving for claypot laksa yet discouraged by the perpetual long queue at Zhen Shan Mei, do come down to try Famous Depot 108 Claypot Laksa today.


Famous Depot 108 Claypot Laksa
Depot Heights Shopping Centre
Blk 108 Depot Road #02-16
Singapore 100108


Ah Seng said...

They actually name the stall "Famous Depot Road 108 Claypot Laksa", which creates the confusion - Zhen Shan Mei first started their business at Depot Road.

The taste is no where near the original "Zhen Shan Mei". We all felt cheated after having it.

Anonymous said...

This laksa is ridiculous. How dare they try to ruin claypot laksa name like that.