Sunday, April 5, 2009

Teck Bee Curry Chicken Noodle

Teck Bee curry chicken noodle is always one of my favorite food whenever I have lunch at Zion Riverside Food Centre. Unlike the usual curry chicken noodle that is served with soupy curry gravy and in a bowl, Teck Bee curry chicken noodle is served with thick curry gravy and on a plate.

I ordered a plate of curry mee kia (fine noodle) which costs $3. Coated with thick savory curry gravy which is concentrated with the sweetness of coconut milk and the fragrance of lemon grass, the tasty noodles go very well with the curry chicken and potato. The serving is also very generous as a $3 plate of noodles comes with two chicken drumsticks, one chicken wing and two pieces of potato.

Besides delicious curry chicken noodle, Teck Bee also has satay bee hoon and prawn noodle soup. Come down to Zion Riverside Food Centre and try it for yourself.


Teck Bee Curry Chicken Noodle
Zion Riverside Food Centre
86 Zion Road

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