Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee

Of all the famous prawn noodles in Singapore, Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee is the most accessible. Located in a small coffee shop just opposite Kallang MRT station, it is always packed with customers during lunch that finding an empty table can be difficult.And the pay-when-you-order system means that you have to find a table before placing your order or risk not getting the noodles that you paid for.

I ordered a bowl of $5 prawn mee and it was quite impressive. Enjoy the appetizing noodles immersed in mouthwatering soup that is brimming with sweetness of prawns and pork ribs. The prawns, although medium sized, are nevertheless fresh and tasty.

Overall, Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee is indeed one of the best prawn noodles in Singapore.


Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee
No 2 Jalan Ayer
Opposite Kallang MRT
Closed on Tuesdays

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jack's Place

Whenever I have to think of a romantic and affordable Western restaurant to bring my loved one for dinner, Mariners' Corner Restaurant comes to my mind. Similarly, when I have to think of an equivalent restaurant for lunch, Jack's Place comes to my mind. No other restaurant provides sumptuous Western set lunch at such affordable prices than Jack's Place. And as there are so many outlets in Singapore, there is almost always one near your workplace.

The set lunch menu differs from day to day and outlet to outlet. Hence you don't have to worry about lack of variety. And if you are not a steak lover, you can always go for chicken or fish. The value-for-money set lunch costs $8 (chicken or fish) or $9.50 (steak) and comes with the main course, soup of the day, garlic bread, pastry and coffee or tea. With service charge and GST, it adds up to only around $12 per person.

When I went to Jack's Place last Friday, I upgraded my set lunch to rib eye steak for $13 and it was indeed worth every dollar spent. The succulent rib eye steak is tender and mouthwatering and comes with complementary side dishes of baked potato, salad and corn. The barbeque sauce accentuates the meaty flavour, making every bite seem irresistable. Last but not the least, the sweet dessert which consists of pastry and coffee or tea completes the satisfying lunch experience.

May Jack's Place continue to make delicious and affordable steaks available to everyone in every part of Singapore.


Jack's Place

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles

To all food enthusiasts out there, if you think that Singapore beef noodles is fantastic, wait till you taste Seremban beef noodles. I am not a big fan of beef noodles as I do not like the sensation of gravy sticking on my throat. But I was tempted to try Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles after I saw the excellent reviews and recommendations on Singapore's Best Food Online Directory. So I went down to Marine Parade Food Centre yesterday and tried it for myself. It was indeed very impressive and much better that my expectations.

While the typical Singapore beef noodles comes with thick savory gravy that blends well with kway teow, the tasty gravy of Seremban beef noodles is less starchy and goes better with thick rice noodles. Besides having the characteristic beef aroma, its special gravy also contains a rich authentic flavour with no tinge of monosodium glutamate. It blends so impeccably with the noodles, every strand is thoroughly coated with a layer of thick mouthwatering gravy. The generous slices of beef are tender and well-marinated. The unique chilli is extremely thick and spicy and complements the noodles and beef, making the whole dish simply irresistable. However Seremban beef noodles is never complete without its delicious beef broth that is brewed in a variety of ingredients including carrots and radish that confer the soup its natural sweetness.

So what are you waiting for? Come down to Marine Parade and experience Singapore's one and only Seremban beef noodles today.


Mr Wong Seremban Beef Noodles
Blk 84
Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440084

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles

As a prawn mee enthusiast, it is surprising to know that I have not heard of Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles until I read about it on Dr Leslie Tay's ieatishootipost blog. Being described as SINGAPORE'S BEST PRAWN NOODLES in the face of competition from other famous rivals eg Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee & Joo Chiat Prawn Mee, I knew I have to try it for myself. So I went down to Cambridge Road Hawker Centre today and ordered a bowl of $5 prawn noodles. Indeed it lives up to its recommendation & reputation.


The distinguishing factor in Wah Kee Prawn Noodles is its mouthwatering soup which is so concentrated, it resembles the highly-seasoned, thick and creamy soup in lobster bisque. Brewed in six seafood ingredients for several hours, the reddish-brown soup shimmers with natural crustacean sweetness that is rich and flavorful with no tinge of artificial seasoning. Every spoonful is heavenly and leaves an irresistable essense that lingers in the throat. The savory soup blends flawlessly with the appetizing noodles to give the scrumptious dish the winning advantage over other prawn noodles. The delightful prawns are extraordinarily gigantic and extremely tender and succulent with a characteristic freshness that can only be found in live seafood.

So enough said, come down to Cambridge Road Hawker Centre and try SINGAPORE'S BEST PRAWN NOODLES today.


Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles
Cambridge Road (Pek Kio) Hawker Centre
Blk 41A #01-15
7.30am to 2pm
Closed on Mondays

Monday, September 17, 2007

Astons Prime

Much has been blogged and discussed about Astons Specialities in our online food communities over the past year eg Dr Leslie Tay's ieatishootipost blog and Astons Specialities blog.

There is no doubt Astons' mouthwatering steaks are value for money but questions have surfaced about the inconsistencies of service and food quality which are aggravated by the perpetually long queue and setting up of franchises.

On the contrary, little is known about Astons Prime that is recently set up in Joo Chiat near to Astons Specialties. With dark-colored glass windows and the absence of a queue outside, many food enthusiasts are curious about what is happening inside Astons Prime. Are the prices in Astons Prime similar to Astons Specialties? Is the quality of the food as remarkable?

So I decided to take the opportunity to have lunch there today. Glancing through the menu, I noticed that the prices of the food were slightly more expensive than Astons Specialties. I ordered the New Zealand Rib Eye Steak which was highly recommended in many forums & blogs. Indeed the service was quite slow and I waited impatiently for around 40 minutes for my steak to arrive.

When I took my first bite into the rib eye steak, I finally understood why the long wait was so worthwhile. It was unbelievably fabulous, more than words can say. The meat was extremely tender and succulent, every bite is wholesome and satisfying. In addition, it was well-grilled to the right extent, it exudes a characteristic smoky aroma and an irresistable meaty taste. The New Zealand Rib Eye Steak cost $18.90 and it was indeed one of the best steaks I have ever tasted.

Overall it was a memorable lunch experience and I certainly look forward to returning to Astons Prime for more.


Astons Prime
467 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427678
Open 11.30 to 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Call 63442447 for reservations

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng

I am not a fan of cheng tng but I must admit that Ye Lai Xiang cheng tng is extremely cool and refreshing. Especially so after a stressful and busy day of work, when your lips are dry and you need something to desperately soothe your throat, Ye Lai Xiang cheng tng is the perfect choice.

What distinguishes this cheng tng is its unique ingredients eg dried winter melon, dried persimmon, sweet potato etc which give the soup its characteristic sweetness and coolness that are somewhat lacking in other cheng tng.


Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng
Bedok Corner Food Centre
1 Bedok Road
Stall No 31
Singapore 469572

Friday, September 14, 2007

Joo Chiat Prawn Mee

Eating Joo Chiat Prawn Mee certainly brings back plenty of heartwarming childhood memories. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my grandmother used to live in Joo Chiat and I was treated to delicious Joo Chiat Prawn Mee when I visited her every Saturday.

Twenty over years have passed and I still craved for those tasty noodles. But one thing I can be sure of, when I tasted Joo Chiat Prawn Mee today, it is still as mouthwatering as ever.

The magic lies in the dark brown soup that is concentrated and brimming with rich crustacean sweetness. It is indeed the best prawn soup I have ever tasted. In addition, Joo Chiat Prawn Mee uses rice vermicelli instead of rice noodles and it absorbs the fragrance of the soup so well, each mouthful is simply irresistable. The prawns are moderately in size and extremely fresh. The pork ribs are tender and savory.

So to all food enthusiasts out there, if you haven't tried Joo Chiat Prawn Mee, you don't know what you are missing. Come down to Carpmael Road and experience it for yourself today.


Joo Chiat Prawn Mee
75 Carpmael Road
Singapore 429812
Closed on Tuesdays

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Misa Bedok Corner Chicken Fried Rice

I love chicken fried rice. Not to be mistaken for fried chicken rice which is fried chicken with rice, chicken fried rice is fried rice with chicken.And my favorite chicken fried rice can be found in a stall at Bedok Corner Food Centre called Misa Bedok Corner. I always order the spicy version which means that the rice is fried with chilli.

For only $4, I get a large plate of spicy fried rice, a huge roasted chicken drumstick and a bowl of soup. The rice is so thoroughly fried with chilli, tomato sauce, corn and green peas, every single grain is coated with a golden orange layer of sweetness and spiciness with overwhelming fragrance. The roasted chicken drumstick is extremely tender and juicy and complements the fried rice very well.

Other than fried rice, Misa Bedok Corner also has an impressive variety of Halal local cuisine eg char siew chicken rice, wanton noodles, lor mee, prawn noodles and chicken feet noodles. There is always something different to try.


Misa Bedok Corner
Bedok Corner Food Centre
1 Bedok Road
Stall No 11
Singapore 469572

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Na Na Homemade Curry

This is definitely Singapore's BEST curry. Over the years, I have been searching for another curry that can match the high standards of Na Na Homemade Curry but none can be found.

The secret to this excellent curry can be found in its mouthwatering gravy. Thick in consistency and more spicy than chilli padi, the flammable gravy combusts gently in the mouth, creating a irresistable burning sensation on the taste buds and a sizzling aftertaste that lingers for hours. Savour the characteristic aroma and subtle sweetness of the coconut milk that is so complementary to the spicy gravy. Enjoy your curry with mouthfuls of plain rice that readily sooth the warm excoriation on your throat.

At Na Na Homemade Curry, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious curry dishes including curry chicken, curry vegetables, curry mutton and curry fish head, depending on your preference and liking for the day. So hesitate no more, bring your family down to Bedok Central and experience Singapore's best curry today.


Na Na Homemade Curry
NTUC Foodfare
Blk 204 Bedok North St 1

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Punggol Nasi Lemak

When I walked past Punggol Nasi Lemak Center today, I was very surprised to see only 3 people in the queue. On average I would expect around 15 people queuing at any time. So I jumped at the opportunity to try this so-called Singapore's best Nasi Lemak.

To start with, there is a wide selection of side dishes to choose from including fried chicken, tempura prawns, fried sotong balls, fish fillet, fried egg, curry vegetables, fried long beans, ikan bilis and otah etc.

After much hesitation, I chose fried chicken drumstick, fried egg and curry vegetables to accompany my nasi lemak and it costs a reasonable $3.90.

The rice is above average but not fantastic, somewhat lacking in the characteristic coconut fragrance found in the famous changi village nasi lemak. The samba chilli is special, not overly sweet or spicy and has a unique shrimp aroma. The fried chicken drumstick is huge, crispy and definitely value for money.

I won't call this the best nasi lemak in Singapore but it is no doubt one of the best. One question you might ask is, if it is really so good, why are there only 4 people (including me) in the queue? Indeed, by the time I finished eating, there were 20 people in the queue. I was just very lucky to be there at the right time.


Punggol Nasi Lemak Center
965 Upper Serangoon Road
Opening hours: 6pm to 5am
Closed on Thursday

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Uncle Leong Seafood

Many bloggers have written about the tale of two famous crabs in Ang Mo Kio. Situated in two coffee shops at opposite ends of a carpark, Mellben Seafood is the more popular and better advertised of the two. With no offence to crab enthusiasts who are Mellben lovers, I personally prefer Uncle Leong Seafood, simply because it is less crowded. Which means that I get to dine in a less noisy environment and I get my food faster.

Let me begin sharing my memorable dining experience with 3 friends at Uncle Leong Seafood yesterday. We ordered 5 of its signature dishes which are chilli crab, claypot crab bee hoon, Mongolian fried pork ribs, deep fried seafood tofu and fried kang kong with abalone mushrooms. Even though we placed our orders at 6.30pm, the service was prompt and we got our food in around 15 minutes.

The fried kang kong with abalone mushrooms came first. The vegetables are well-fried in oyster sauce and topped with slices of abalone mushrooms.

Next came the Mongolian pork ribs. The meat is tender and well-marinated with a savory taste and a smoky fragrance.

The deep fried seafood tofu is not fantastic but still tasty and crispy.

The delicious chilli crab was the highlight of the dinner. The sweet-and-spicy gravy is so thick with generous servings of egg, it leaves a lingering taste in the mouth and a warm sensation in the throat even hours after dinner. And to the delight of crab lovers, it is free from small pieces of broken crab shell. The crab meat is thick and succulent, every bite is simply irresistable.

Last but the not least, we had the claypot crab bee hoon which is simply heavenly. The concentrated soup is shimmering with crustacean sweetness, it must have been brewed in crabs for hours. The inconspicuous ginger removes the excessive fishy taste and gives the soup a gentle tinge of spiciness. The noodles are so well-immersed with the soup, they blend impeccably with each other. The crab meat is so soft and fresh, it leaves a natural sweetness on the taste buds.

Indeed it was a sumptuous dinner for all of us and we left the restaurant feeling really happy and satisfied.


Uncle Leong Seafood
Blk 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (St 22)
#01-1194 S(560233)
Tel: 65543453
Opens daily from 4pm to 11.30pm

Sunday, September 2, 2007

People's Prawn Noodles

I have been a fan of prawn noodle soup since I was young. My grandmother used to live at Joo Chiat Place thus I had the pleasure of eating Joo Chiat Prawn Mee when I visited her every Saturday. As I grew older, I started trying the other famous prawn noodles in Singapore eg Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee, Beach Road Prawn Mee, Whitley Road Prawn Mee, Adam Road Prawn Nee etc. Well they are just as fabulously irresistable and never fail to make my day.

Today I shall begin sharing my love for prawn noodles with People's Prawn Noodles. Better known as Ren Ren Da Xia Mian, People's Prawn Noodles has several branches in Singapore including Jalan Besar, Victoria Street, Joo Chiat, Changi Village etc.

I tried the one at Victoria Street and it was indeed impressive. The unique soup, though yellow in color instead of the normal dark brown, tastes superior with a distinct fragrance and rich seafood sweetness. The halved prawns are reasonably huge and extremely fresh. The chilli powder blends very well with the noodles and the soup.

I recommend People's Prawn Noodles for its delicious noodles, fresh prawns and mouthwatering soup.


People's Prawn Noodles
Victoria Street Food Centre (beside Allson Hotel)
143 Victoria Street
Singapore 188020