Friday, January 16, 2009

Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) Mutton Soup

I am not a fan of mutton soup but when I was at Serangoon Gardens Food Center for dinner last Wednesday, I had the craving for something soupy and herbal. After browsing through the stalls, I finally settled for Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) Mutton Soup.

I ordered a bowl of mutton noodle soup which costs $4. Topped with wolfberries, the herbal soup is sweet and savory and complements the noodles very well. The mutton pieces are meaty and tasty.

After trying Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) mutton soup, I have my fair share of likes and dislikes. I like the herbal flavour of mutton soup but dislike the toughness of mutton. If you love mutton soup, Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) mutton soup is certainly worthwhile to try.


Heng Kee (Serangoon Garden) Mutton Soup
Serangoon Garden Food Centre
49A Serangoon Garden Way

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