Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ajisen Ramen Hokkaido Seafood Ramen Lunch Special

I was never a fan of ramen (Japanese handmade noodle) because I used to think that ramen tastes the same as instant noodle. Only after my friend brought me to Ajisen Ramen for lunch did I realise my misconception. From then on, I became a big fan of Ajisen's $10.90 ramen lunch special which comes with a bowl of ramen, a plate of side dish and a drink ($12.83 with service charge and GST).

My favorite lunch special combination is the Hokkaido seafood ramen and white fish with hot green tea.

Topped with scallop, sotong and crabmeat slices, the Hokkaido seafood ramen is popular for its special soup base that is slightly milky in consistency and filled with the irresistable essence of seafood. The tasty soup goes very well with the ramen which has a smooth and flour-like texture. I like to add dried chilli flakes because they make the soup spicy yet do not alter its authentic flavour.

The white fish, which is actually fried crispy nuggets stuffed with fresh fish meat, tastes great with the savory chilli sauce. The hot green tea helps to quench every bit of thirst at the end of the sumptuous meal.

For an affordable yet satisfying ramen set lunch, I strongly recommend Ajisen Ramen. With 17 outlets scattered all over the island, there is almost certainly one that is near to you. Come down and try it for yourself today.


Ajisen Ramen


yy said...

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hahahaha i love ajisen ramen