Sunday, October 28, 2007

Renaldo's Apple Strudel & Pastries

I love going down to this beautiful cafe at Eastwood Centre for tea. The cosy ambience of the place, mixed with sweet fragrance of apple strudel, rekindles many sentimental memories of people whom I once met here.

I usually order a slice of Renaldo's apple strudel and a cup of hot Lipton tea. The subtle bitterness of tea complements the distinctive sweetness of apple strudel, accentuating the nostalgic feeling.

The apple strudel, which costs $3.60 per slice, comes with 3 decks of crispy pastry and 2 decks of crunchy apple surrounded with luxurious cream. Experience the toasted aroma of the sugar-coated pastry that breaks down gently with every bite and the saccharine flavour of the custard and cream that blends perfectly with the unique freshness of the apple.

Besides its famous apple strudel, Renaldo's Apple Strudel & Pastries also has other irresistable flavours of strudel, eclairs, homemade pies and cheese cakes. So what are you waiting for? Come down to Eastwood Centre and succumb to the temptation of Renaldo's apple strudel today.


Renaldo's Apple Strudel & Pastries
20 Eastwood Road
Eastwood Centre
Tel: 68760780
Opening Hours: 10am-1030pm


lorraine82 said...

Hi kensongs, your pictures are very beautiful. Haven't been to Renaldo's before but heard that the boss is a former beauty queen... is it true?

celpaby said...

I'm a fan of Ritz apple strudel at North Bridge rd. Have you tried this one? Which is better of the two? btw, i've added you to my site's blogroll

Tan said...

Im Tan frm Bangkok. Ask u bout the best ROTI in Singapore. I heard that it's in Sembawang@ jalan kayu,isn't it? My sing' friend told me it's delicious more than in Bangkok. I'll try.da u recommend?

John said...

I agree that the their deserts are lovely, the food is at best mediocre. Just beware of one thing. They have extremely rude and obnoxious staff and some dodgy "free" items adverts.