Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yummy Rice Shop Economical Rice

Certainly one of the more popular economical rice stalls in Albert Centre Food Centre, it is not uncommon to see a queue forming in front of Yummy Rice Shop during dinner time.

While it has a variety of appealing rice sets eg Hainanese curry chicken set, Teochew braised pork set, good taste fish etc, I chose to order its ala carte dishes instead. A plate of rice with curry chicken drumstick, fried brocolli with cauliflower and fried omelette cost only $2.90.

I like the curry chicken drumstick that is fleshy and tender and goes very well with the savory curry gravy. Filled with a distinctive home-cooked flavour, the fried brocolli and cauliflower and the egg omelette certainly left a good impression.

If you are in favour of a simple economic rice that is value for money and satisfying for dinner, come down to Bugis and try Yummy Rice Shop economic rice today.


Yummy Rice Shop
Albert Centre Market & Food Centre
270 Queen Street #01-53

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