Monday, February 15, 2010

Ah Tat Kitchen Mini Hotpot

After Marina Square and Marine Parade, my new-found fascination with mini steamboat led me to Chinatown where I discovered Ah Tat Kitchen at Smith Street Food Centre. Here I found the cheapest mini hotpot set meals (inclusive of rice at $3.80) for chicken or pork and $4.20 for seafood.

What impressed me most about Ah Tat Kitchen mini hotpot is the superior quality of the soup base. With a subtle fragrance of ginseng, the mouthwatering soup is irresistably flavorful that you can have it on its own. The chicken mini hotpot set comes with slices of chicken, hotdog, beancurd, mushrooms and vegetables.

If you are a fan of mini steamboat like me, do come down to Smith Street Food Centre to try Ah Tat Kitchen mini hotpot today.


Ah Tat Kitchen
Smith Street Food Centre
335 Smith Street Singapore 050335

Update 1/8/2010 - This stall has closed down.

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