Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ya Kwang Da Pai Dang Crab Tang Hoon

Having read about the delicious $25 crab tang hoon at Geylang Lorong 37, I finally went there last month to try it for myself.

Worried that I might not be able to finish the $25 crab tang hoon all by myself, I tried to bargain for a smaller portion but unfortunately, there were no smaller crabs left. Nevertheless the boss was friendly, the service was efficient and I was served within 10 minutes after ordering.

The huge plate of crab tang hoon with thick savory gravy looks really mouthwatering and I just can't wait to finish taking pictures and start eating. Cooked in an extraordinary gravy that is exceptionally flavorful with the concentrated sweetness of crab, the irresistable tang hoon is smooth and delicate, absorbing the special gravy extremely well. The crab is remarkably fresh, delightfully sweet and fairly fleshy.

The secret of Ya Kwang Da Pai Dang Crab Tang Hoon lies in the wonderful combination of its fabulous tang hoon with its complementary gravy. However the problem with having tang hoon so fantastic that it can be eaten on its own, is that the crab, which accounts for the expensive price of the dish, tends to appear mediocre in comparison. Even though I have to admit that having the crab tang hoon was an experience no less than heavenly, I certainly loved the tang hoon much more than the crab and will probably think twice about spending $25 on the dish next time.


Ya Kwang Da Pai Dang Crab Tang Hoon
709 Geylang Lorong 37

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lorraine82 said...

Wow my friend, can't believe you ate that all by yourself...